Promotional Set with Logo Digitizing


Digitized Logo in 4 embroidery item files: Keychain zipper pouch, chapstick holder, sanitizer holder, and doggie poop bag holder.

Please upload a single-color file for digitizing in PNG or JPG format, not exceeding 2 MB

(max file size 2 GB)


Want to make your own promotional or gift items? Want a special image on them? With this custom package, get a 1 color image digitized into embroidery files for:

A Keychain Chapstick Holder
A Keychain Sanitizer Holder
A Keychain Zipper Bag
A Keychain Doggie Bag Holder

Detailed instructions included for each item.

Fulfillment requires the upload of a JPG or a PNG image of the desired logo or message. Additionally, a phone number may be added in our specific font. Files will be sent in your 1 or 2 chosen file formats within 4 business days of the image and phone number being sent.

Please check your file and phone number for accuracy, as we will not take responsibility for misspellings.

After confirmation is sent, please reply to that email with your image and phone number.


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