Natasia Embroidery is a simple website started by an artist with a background in classical art, pottery, graphic design, and embroidery. Natasha is the owner and artist. After investing in learning to make, then to design embroidery, she decided her designs needed an outlet. What embroidery lover doesn’t want access to even more designs to embellish their sewing work?

Natasha’s particular passion for embroidery design results from both her creative drive, and her desire to stay home while she and her husband have little children. Four children take a lot of support, so a balance was struck! Creative outlet, never too far (or too distracted) from children’s needs, and still getting in several good work hours a day, all accomplished through embroidery design!

Drawing from extensive experience in gaming, literature, graphic design, print design, art, and mothering, Natasha works hard to turn art into reproducible embroidery for anyone to use.

Natasha is a married mother of 4 who splits her time between caring for her family and creating her embroidery images.

Natasha has been sewing since she was 4, sewing clothes since she was 12, and embroidering for over a decade. After getting a community college degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art (Painting, sculpting, ceramics), and starting a family, Natasha has been working on creative endeavors for 7 years,

Now, all her experience has come together: embroidery designs are a wonderful blend of all the creative skills Natasha has worked for a couple decades to build.

Have a look around! We look forward to adding to your collection of beautiful embroidery designs.

Madson, WI natasiallc@gmail.com I strive to answer any inquiries as quickly as possible
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