Ugh…. This Year

Anyone else feeling it? We are less than 25 days from the end of the WORST year in our memory. Global pandemic, idiot elections, and humanity is the same as it always is.

Well, we’re getting ready to move on to a new year, and hopefully 2021 WON’T tell 2020 “Hold my beer.” (This is my favorite joke right now. I’m sure my husband is tired of hearing it)

So, what are we doing to celebrate moving on from 2020? What are we doing to throw 2020 out with a bang? Well, sales, of course. And changing the direction of our art focus. Here at Natasia Embroidery, we are officially showing our geeky side by sharing our video game fan art embroidery files! Starting Dec 15, because we got run over by Black Friday orders (hooray, right?)

To each and every one of you, have a WONDERFUL holiday season! Whatever you celebrate or avoid, make it the best year end ever, because we’re all so ready for this year to be done and to get on with a new one.

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