Gaming at PAXU

What a weekend! I, Natasha, am a total gamer and a huge geek, and I love gaming conventions. Earlier this year, I went to GenCon, then today marks the end of PAX Unplugged!

I and my husband usually volunteer for our favorite game company, Crafty Games, and this year we both got to go to PAX-U with them

The company that makes board and Role Playing games for our favorite author, Brandon Sanderson. We spent 4 hrs a day here demoing games, selling books, and talking about gaming. It was intense and fun!

We also got some of our own games 😁

Archmage is definitely the top game we bought! We were so excited to play that we cracked it open the same night and played it twice before leaving.

My weekend of relaxing fun is over, however, so now I’m headed into strategizing for 2020, the Christmas break?

Random, related question, what do you think about patches?

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