Black Friday

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and *POOF* CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EVERYWHERE!! Most stores have had their Christmas stuff peeking out of the back of the store since Halloween, or on full blown sale (*Stares pointedly at JoAnn*)

But most companies still make a big deal about Black Friday. And I seriously wonder why?

Some small businesses do cool things for Black Friday (I’m not one of them yet), but I don’t remember seeing a truly Black Friday deal in the last decade or so. I’ve seen sales advertised that pretty much match the rest of the year, and I’ve seen Black “Friday” creep earlier and earlier until the deals are mostly gone by Friday (Target).

Yep. Black Friday.

Did you find some really cool deals on Black Friday? Am I missing all the good sales somehow? I’d really love to know where to get GREAT discounts next year.

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