Burnout Bounce Back

Hello, Internet!

So, June and July were SOOOOOO good….and then I burned out. Serious, hard-stop burn out. Business is good, business is great, but keeping that pace up right out of the gate was CLEARLY not sustainable.

Time for a calming cup and to reset.

Every had a day like that? Or a week or a month? There’s no shame in taking a step back and taking a break. It feels like a failure when it happens, but picking back up after the break is done, I realize it isn’t failure, it’s called a “tactical advance to the rear.” I had to “retreat” to a safe space, taking the intel I had gathered, and now I have a new plan!

First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who has been a tester for me! It was so helpful in the past, and I intend to keep going! Thank you thank you thank you!

Second, I’m totally doing new designs all the time, and I will be posting one weekly. Sometimes there will be a bonus one.

And last but not least, I really am going to focus on “In The Hoop” (ITH) designs for items such as badges, bags, pouches, and today’s newest addition, a 1 oz sanitizer key chain!

I am SO proud of this little creation! It takes about 20 minutes for me to put one out, a bit over an hour to do 4, and I can add any logo to this!

Up coming on the website is the single holder file, the 4 at a time file, and ordering premade ones just for you! It’s so simple:

  1. Hoop 2 layers of fabric with heavy tear-away stabilizer in between
  2. Run step 1 of the file
  3. Put Fray Check around all the outside edges, top and bottom
  4. Run step 2 of the file
  5. Remove from hoop and cut within 1/8 inch of the edges
  6. Put a 1 inch spring clip or 2 inch key chain link in the small end
  7. Sew sides together, either with straight stitch inside the satin stitch, or with a zig-zag stitch over the satin stitch
  8. Punch Snaps into dots on flap and back
  9. Slip in a 1 oz bottle of hand sanitizer
  10. Clip and go!

Ok, that looks like a lot of steps once I lay it out, but it’s really quite simple.

Alright, I’m off for today. Happy Stitching, all!

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