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Mask Order Form

We are still making masks! Plain masks, embroidered masks, branded masks (with the logo for your company), We make them all, and we have discounts on bulk orders! Discounts start at 30, 50, and 100 mask orders.

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Black Friday FAIL over here! Our little two-wo/man operation over here was OVERWHELMED with orders over black Friday, so we ended up neglecting the embroidery files. We just couldn’t get them tested and package in time!

So we’re going to make it up to you all: Dec 15-31, EVERY file will be discounted to $1, and every design pack will be discounted to $5. Simple, straightforward. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Take a look at our newest Embroidery Files here! Animal Crossing Fan Art and Among Us fan art are among the current trends in our designing.

Newest Items in the Shop

Digitizing: Turning an image, drawing, or file into a program an embroidery machine can read. Whether you want your own image digitized or if you want us to embroider for you, contact us here to get a quote

We’ve moved part of our store to Etsy. There are lots of newly finished embroidered items available there!

Updates and Blog Posts

Ugh…. This Year

Anyone else feeling it? We are less than 25 days from the end of the WORST year in our memory. Global pandemic, idiot elections, and humanity is the same as it always is. Well, we’re getting ready to move on to a new year, and hopefully 2021 WON’T tell 2020 “Hold my beer.” (This is … Continue reading Ugh…. This Year

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